Auto AC & Heat Repair

ac and heat repairMaintaining your vehicle’s comfort and safety is essential when it comes to maintaining a reliable and efficient air conditioning and heating system. At New Concept Auto Services in Merriam, Shawnee, & Overland Park, KS, we specialize in comprehensive AC & heat repair, ensuring you and your passengers enjoy a comfortable ride regardless of season. Our certified technicians are equipped with the latest tools and technology to diagnose and resolve any AC & heat repair issues in Merriam, Shawnee, & Overland Park, KS.

Auto AC & Heat Service Overland Park KS

As the weather changes, your vehicle’s AC and heating system may face various problems. For instance, during the hot summer months, a malfunctioning AC system can lead to sweltering temperatures inside your car. On the other hand, during the frigid winter months, a faulty heating system can make your vehicle feel like an icebox. As a result, it is crucial to have regular AC & heat repair in Merriam, Shawnee, & Overland Park, KS, to prevent these problems and ensure a comfortable driving experience.

Auto AC & Heat Repair Overland Park KS

At New Concept Auto Services, we offer a comprehensive range of AC & heat repair services in Merriam, Shawnee, & Overland Park, KS, to regulate your vehicle’s interior temperature perfectly. Our services include:

  • AC system inspection and diagnostics: Our expert technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s AC system, checking for refrigerant leaks, compressor issues, and faulty electrical components. We’ll also evaluate the overall performance of your AC system to ensure it is running at maximum efficiency.
  • AC refrigerant recharge and repair: If your car’s AC system is low on refrigerant, our team can recharge it using the appropriate type and amount of refrigerant. We’ll also repair any leaks in the system to prevent future issues.
  • Heating system inspection and repair: Our skilled technicians will inspect your car’s heating system, including the heater core, blower motor, and thermostat, to identify any issues affecting its performance. We’ll then repair or replace any faulty components to restore your heating system to optimal condition.
  • Climate control system repair: Our team can diagnose and repair issues with your car’s climate control system, ensuring that it maintains the ideal temperature and humidity levels inside your vehicle.

At New Concept Auto Services, we understand the importance of having a fully functioning AC and heating system in your car. Our commitment to providing top-quality AC & heat repair in Merriam, Shawnee, & Overland Park, KS, sets us apart from the competition. We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer satisfaction and strive to exceed your expectations with every visit.

Auto AC & Heat Repair Near Me

So, don’t let a faulty AC or heating system ruin your driving experience. Trust the New Concept Auto Services experts for all your AC & heat repair needs in Merriam, Shawnee, & Overland Park, KS. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and let us help you keep your car comfortable year-round.


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